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Are you looking to adopt an animal from the Vereeniging & Vanderbijlpark SPCA?

You can be sure of finding the pet that's exactly right for you at one of our branches.

How does the process work?

You will be required to visit one of our branches in Vereeniging or Vanderbijlpark to meet the animals face to face. We believe in responsible pet ownership and believe it is vital that you first meet the animal before considering adoption. Always remember that each animal is an individual with its own personality and therefore we have to ensure that the animal you are wishing to adopt is the right animal for your family and vice versa.

Once you have chosen an animal you will be required to complete an application to adopt an animal form. Various questions are asked on this form to establish if you are eligible for adopting an animal from the SPCA and to ensure that we match the right animal with your family.

Once the application to adopt an animal form has been completed will an Inspector be dispatched to visit your property and conduct an inspection to ensure that your property is adequately fenced and equipped for the animal you are wishing to adopt. Always remember that the SPCA has the right to decline any application to adopt an animal, obviously this will only be done for good reason and if we have a concern for the safety of an animal.

With home inspections we take the following into account:  

Once your property inspection has been approved you will be notified telephonically. You will be required to pay the adoption fee in full and complete the adoption contract to finalise the process. This must be done at our office by the person wishing to adopt the animal from us. We do not do adoptions through third parties and we do not reserve animals.

Only once the adoption fee is paid and an adoption contract is completed will the animal be sent for sterilisation.

We do not rehome animals unsterilised. All SPCA animals are sterilised prior to leaving our facilities. The only way to combat unwanted animals from being born is to sterilise as many animals as possible. Once the animal is sterilised will your family be able to collect your new addition.

We do not rehome animals for working purposes, ie security.

The following are also considered as criteria for adoption:

Adoption fee:

We do not sell animals, they are adopted. The adoption fee is to cover the medical costs incurred, i.e. sterilisation, first vaccination, deworming and microchip.

Contact our office on 016 422 1505 for details on animals available for adoption or visit our Facebook page by clicking on the following link,