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Please contact us if you know of any animal that is being neglected or treated badly. By reporting cruelty, you help to free them from suffering.

We will act - but we can only do so if we know about it. We depend on people like you to be our ‘eyes and ears’ in your community.

You can remain anonymous when you call – you don’t have to give your name if you are afraid – but even if you do, the SPCA will NOT let anyone know who you are.

Contact our office on +27 16 422 1505, or in emergencies call +27 83 292 5862. Or submit your complaint online by completing the required online cruelty complaint sheet.

We depend greatly on input from the community for information concerning suspected animal cruelty. Our inspectors are best able to perform their duties when provided with detailed descriptions of the suspected abuse:

If possible, please provide:

Any details that you are able to provide will increase our chances of seeing that the law is upheld and that the animals are rescued.

Details of complainants are kept confidential at all times!

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